Basic Freediver

Learn basic freediving principles and focus on practicing breathhold techniques in a pool or confined water site.

The PADI Basic Freediver course is a subset of the PADI Freediver course. It's a great first step for developing solid freediving skills. You learn basic freediving principles and focus on practicing breath hold techniques in a pool.

Course Fees
  • RM1000


You can choose to furthur your learning from PADI Basic Freediver to PADI Freediver by completing the open water requirement at another RM1000


Age: 12 years old & above

Prerequisite: able to swim 200m continuously on the surface

With the instructor

  • Theory: knowledge review (3hr)
  • Confined water: 2 pool sessions (total 6hrs)



  • rental of training fins and mask

Extra Benefits

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Course Standard & Requirement

  • Theory exam
  • STA at least 90 seconds
  • DYN at least 25m


Your first step toward discovering why freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves. No previous freediving course is required.

Who Can Join?

  • Ages 12 and up
  • Must be able to swim 200m non-stop

Course Overview:

  • Self-Study: Access to PADI Freediver eLearning for foundational theory.
  • Guided Learning:
    • Theory Review with Instructor: 3 hours
    • Pool Training: 9 hours over 3 sessions
    • Open Water Experience: Memorable 4D3N island adventure
  • Course Fee: RM1600
    • Included: Training fins and mask rental, underwater video
    • Not Included: Accommodation, meals, and transport


  • Complete the theory exam
  • Static Apnea (STA): Minimum 90 seconds
  • Dynamic No Fins (DNF): Minimum 25m
  • Constant Weight (CWT)/Free Immersion (FIM): Dive between 10m to 16m
  • Safety and Rescue Skills: Up to 5m

Extra Perks:

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Start your freediving journey with us and unlock the serenity and beauty of the underwater world in a safe and guided environment.

Advanced Freediver

Designed to refine and improve your freediving skills, allowing you to progress slowly while learning how your body performs during breath hold.

Who Can Join?

  • Ages 15+
  • Prerequisite: PADI Freediver or equivalent certification

Course Highlights:

  • Self-Study: Advanced theory through PADI Freediver eLearning.
  • Instructor-Led Sessions:
    • Theory Review: Detailed 3-hour session
    • Pool Training: Intensive 9 hours across 3 sessions
    • Open Water Adventure: Thrilling 4D3N island expedition
  • Course Fees: RM1700 (Payment split: half upon registration, remainder before island trip)
    • Includes: Underwater photoshoot
    • Excludes: Accommodation, meals, and transport

Achievement Standards:

  • Theory Exam Completion
  • Static Apnea (STA): Minimum 150 seconds
  • Dynamic No Fins (DNF): Minimum 50m
  • Constant Weight (CWT)/Free Immersion (FIM): 20m to 24m dives
  • Safety and Rescue: Up to 10m

Extra Perks:

  • Enjoy 10%-20% lifetime discounts at DIVERS LAB EQUIPMENT STORE

Advance your skills and push your limits with expert guidance, unlocking new depths and capabilities in freediving.

Master Freediver

For advanced freedivers who want to approach elite freediving levels. You'll learn to bring your static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion and constant weight skills to the next level.​


  • Age: 15 years and older
  • Prerequisite: Completion of PADI Freediver or an equivalent certification from another recognized agency

Course Structure:

  • Self-Learning: Advanced freediving theories through PADI Freediver eLearning.
  • Instructor-Led Training:
    • Theory Review: A comprehensive 3-hour session.
    • Confined Water Sessions: Total of 9 hours across 3 pool sessions.
    • Open Water Dive: A transformative 4-day, 3-night island excursion.
Course Fees: RM2000
  • Includes: Underwater photos to capture your achievements.
  • Excludes: Accommodation, meals, and transport for the island trip.

Performance Requirements:

  • Successfully complete the theory exam.
  • Static Apnea (STA): Achieve a minimum of 210 seconds.
  • Dynamic No Fins (DNF): Cover a distance of at least 75m.
  • Constant Weight (CWT)/Free Immersion (FIM): Dive depth between 32m to 40m.
  • Demonstrate safety and rescue techniques up to 20m.

Extra Benefits:

  • Gain a lifetime discount of 10%-20% at our DIVERS LAB EQUIPMENT STORE, supporting your ongoing freediving adventures.

Join our Master Freediver course to challenge your limits, refine your skills, and join the ranks of elite freedivers.

Freediver Instructor

Turn your freediving passion into a profession. This instructor course is for the avid freediver who spends a lot time thinking about freediving and sharing details of their latest adventures.


Course Fees
  • RM6000







  • EFR